BodyTogs® Body Trimming Cream

We all have areas of stubborn fat that seem impossible to reach during weight loss. Did you know that many of these areas are caused by genetic distribution of fat storing “alpha receptors” vs fat burning “beta receptors.” It’s the same reason why men tend to get a “beer belly” and why women tend to get a “pear shape” when they gain weight. Men have greater alpha/beta receptor ratios along their abdomen while women have greater ratios along their hips and thighs.

BodyTogs® Body Trimming Cream, with its key ingredient aminophylline, will help specifically target those areas of stubborn fat when applied during a weight loss regimen. Aminophylline has been scientifically shown to reduce waist circumference in men and leg circumference in women (1,2). So whether it’s those “love handles,” “saddle bags,” or chest wall fat, use BodyTogs® Body Trimming Cream to begin fading those areas away! Best when used with the BodyTogs® Essentials Fat Burning Supplement and BodyTogs® wearable weight system.

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