Doctor Testimonials

BodyTogs Unveiled at The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM): Athletic Team Physician Conference

Wearable weights BodyTogs® address the sedentary population, turning everyday activities into a fat burning workout

I found the BodyTogs® very comfortable for all-day wear….I would recommend them to my patients for daily wear and fitness programs.
Dr. S Arlis-Mayor – New Haven, CT

BodyTogs® are great! This is an excellent way to burn calories especially for individuals wanting to lose weight and save time. I will recommend them to my patients.
Dr. R Whitfield – Baton Rouge, LA

I have been wearing the BodyTogs® on both upper and lower extremities and am surprised by the level of comfort.
Dr. Y May – Cincinati, OH

Wearing the BodyTogs® all day…provides a low impact and unobtrusive but noticeable increase in resistance during every day activities. It is an easy way to workout while doing daily activities.
Dr. R Mayor – New Haven, CT