BodyTogs Customer Testimonials

BodyTogsBodyTogs® are GREAT! I am a retired Army Veteran with bad knees and can not wear ankle weights. A friend turned me on to the BodyTogs® and they are amazing.They cause me no pain and I hardly know I have them on. In fact I now wear them on my job under my Sheriff’s uniform and you wouldn’t believe the results. I have noticed I have lost 12 pounds in the last month just by wearing the BodyTogs®. I have toned up my legs without pain and love wearing them, and so will you. I highly recommend these BodyTogs to all the men and women in uniform! This is a great product.

BodyTogs for WomenWOW… BodyTogs® have really changed my life!!! I do a lot of walking and use to use the old fashion ankle weights everyday. Only to find the damage it has done to my knees. Now I can were these every day and have an even better effect than I ever expected. No more hurting knees and I can wear them not only when I am walking but during the whole day to burn extra calories.. I have dropped 10 lbs and can now fit back into my size 6’s!!! The best way to lose weight with no effort involved. The comfort of the BodyTogs® makes every day wearing effortless. I love the tone it has given to my legs. I never expected for such a simple and effortless product to give such GREAT results!!! I recommend these to everyone who wants to lose weight or just tone up your legs with little to no effort involved. Throw away your ankle weights! BodyTogs® are the only way to go!!! Thanks Again for such a wonderful product.

BodyTogsI’m 23 yo and I try to work out all the time. I love to run, play volleyball and remain active. Sometimes it can be hard when I work full time and always out and about. With BodyTogs® I was able to wear them under my clothing while at work. They are great, I even wear them when I run and do core training. You can definitely feel the difference while working out with them vs not wearing them.

I am wearing my Body Togs® every day both to work out and during the day. You definitely get the extra workout and calorie burn, without any intrusiveness. You barely feel them and what ‘s most important, they are literally unnoticeable so I am working out throughout the day and nobody notices it! Thank you for this great invention. I’ll never exercise without them.