The Skinny Book

The Skinny Book

The Skinny BookThe Skinny Book helps decode the art and science of weight loss for the average person. It includes the 6-Step Weight Loss Diet which is currently used by weight loss physicians who have helped thousands of people lose weight across the country. The diet is a simple, grocery store diet without needing purchase of special foods. It has been described by patients as the “80% knowledge and 20% effort diet and lifestyle.” Certain combinations of food play an important role in turning on or turning off fat burning hormones. In addition, many over-the-counter foods marketed as healthy are actually sabotaging your weight loss, as are certain over-the-counter and prescription medications. Find out the secrets now and order your copy of The Skinny Book!

My Cholesterol has dropped 63 points, and I have dropped three pant sizes and 21 inches. I FEEL GREAT! I am so thankful for the 6-Step Weight Loss Program and Dr. Virji’s team.  –Tammy

You have, as the cliché goes, “given me my life back.”…I thank you for all that you have done in assisting me with my weight loss and getting me back on the right track…Thanks a bunch!  –Dana

Finally, the truth you can trust about the epidemic of being overweight….His simple to understand and easy to follow 6-Step approach is based on solid scientific evidence that helps you get results. This is must read for anyone concerned about their weight and long term health.

–Mike Kennedy, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Harmonic Health, Inc.

The Skinny Book: